Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I got intrigued by the lights because in winter on my walk home they are not there to give light but more to act as beacons - a way for me to navigate through the dark by following a trail of shiny buttons. It seemed to me that instead of giving light they only accentuated the dark.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cha-, cha-, cha- changes

This is a bit of an experiment but lately I haven't been able to shake off the thought that maybe having a blog named Tallberg goes Int requires it being read, well, internationally. And maybe this necessitates it being written in, well, not swedish. So I should do it in english. This, however, pose as a problem in that I, naturally, do not posses the same knowledge of that language as my mother tongue. For instance, my DBF waited six months to point out to me that the plural of sheep is not sheeps. When I asked him why he hadn't said anything earlier he said it was because he thought it was "cute".

Anyway I will give it a try and see how it goes. Maybe my english will improve by it...

And since I don't exactly write everyday (completely missed this) it probably won't be too daunting. Mind you, seems like I'm not the only one as all my friends with blogs seem to have been sucked inte the black empty vortex that is Facebook Hell.

Totally unrelated - found out whilst cruising my local supermarket that 14 november was cheesecake day. For those of you who understand swedish here is more on a related subject.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Små, små steg framåt

Humle och Dumle, Tödde och Mödde, eller, som det står i deras nya pass - Lillasyster och Storasyster (kära barn går under många namn - Scaredy och Feisty är deras engelska namn, men jag tror att de tror att de heter "slutameddetdär") har nu blivit microchippade och fått sin första rabiesstruta och vi kan nu alla tre pusta ut lite tills börja av december då det är dags för blodprov. Fantastiska Johan och Kristiina lånade mig sin bil och allt gick över förväntan bra.

Jag har också lyckats komma förbi kreditkortskollen på Etsy och har äntligen registrerat le shoppe. Ingenting ligger uppe än för försäljning men jag jobbar på med lite ,än så länge, halvhemliga saker. Som det här:

Och så har vi äntligen fått lite snö. Iiiiiiii! Det värmer ett norrlandshjärta.