Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nothing to show

I have finished two projects today. The scarf for Astrid is done but I'm not totally pleased with it. There are things that I wish I had done differently so i will try and make another one.

I've also finished a sew-along that I'm doing with my cousin - a dress for Astrid. Well, I say a dress but it is more of a tunic really on her. But looks cool with a pair of jeans.

Will post pictures later. I have to wait till the light is a bit better. (This being Glasgow, that might take some time!)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Christmas Presents pt 1

Look what I made for my husband using this tutorial (mostly). As always I do a search and then read a lot of different pages and look at many pictures and what comes out of it is probably some amalgamation of everything. And since I usually don't have the computer on when I craft I have a tendency to go fairly gung ho with it (for better or worse). Sometimes I consult one of my craft books but not as often as I should.
Anyway, christmas presents to the husband is notoriously difficult. He has a very special taste and generally gets the things he wants anyway. Or gets them and then forgets that he has gotten them and gets them again.
But I knew that he needed a cover for his bike seat so I went with that.
I didn't copy the bike seat that well - it was covered with a plastic bag at the moment so that didn't help and I had to do it quick so he wouldn't notice me doing it - so the fitting is a bit off. Also the vinyl that I chose to make it in (because I had it at home) is a bit stiff and not so easy to make fit. But it works.
And he's getting a new bike in the spring anyway...

Friday, January 06, 2012

Hello 2012

My New Year resolutions are;
a) change my underpants more often,
b) sew clothes (maybe even underpants to change into).
How's that going so far, you ask? Well, I'm currently stitching on a scarf for Astrid using this tutorial as inspiration. Nuff said.

Thursday, April 01, 2010



Morsdags present

Titta vad min begåvade dotter gav mig på morsdag!


Genom en länk på Craft hamnade jag på den här artikeln om lastbilschaufförer som har börjat med diverse handarbeten . Fann den intressant inte pga det faktum att det är "män som stickar" (manliga designers är ju legio) utan för att det visar på en djupare revolution - nämligen det att tanken att man kan skapa själv sprider sig! En motreaktion till kapitalismen kanske. För det är en annan känsla att skapa själv - att ge sig själv den tiden - än att köpa.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What I do for a living

Built by me oddly enough

Possibly a return!

Last post was almost a year ago! That makes me a reeeeeeeally bad blogger. Possibly even more so than I am a Facebooker...

Is this a return to more frequent blogging? Who knows - lots of things have changed - a new house that is being redecorated *as we speak* - and lot of things are about to change even more (see pic above) so who knows what will happen.

But at least this is.... something

*not really!