Sunday, February 03, 2008

A sweater for a little one

This is a sweater that I made from a book by Erika Knight. The swedish title is "Stickat och sött" (unfortunately the english title isn't printed in the book). It is in fact the first real garment that I have knitted (scarfs, mittens, socks and headwear doesn't count...) so YAY! me. I had the hardest time understanding the instructions though and I will blame the translation before I blame my lacking skills in reading knitting instructions. But I prevailed despite sometimes not knowing at all what the hell it was that I was supposed to do knittingwise and made things up as I went - thinking that it at least will turn into something approximating a sweater even if I didn't do every thing exactly correct. And I think it did so hurray for prevailing!

Now who to give the sweater to?...

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