Saturday, January 07, 2012

Christmas Presents pt 1

Look what I made for my husband using this tutorial (mostly). As always I do a search and then read a lot of different pages and look at many pictures and what comes out of it is probably some amalgamation of everything. And since I usually don't have the computer on when I craft I have a tendency to go fairly gung ho with it (for better or worse). Sometimes I consult one of my craft books but not as often as I should.
Anyway, christmas presents to the husband is notoriously difficult. He has a very special taste and generally gets the things he wants anyway. Or gets them and then forgets that he has gotten them and gets them again.
But I knew that he needed a cover for his bike seat so I went with that.
I didn't copy the bike seat that well - it was covered with a plastic bag at the moment so that didn't help and I had to do it quick so he wouldn't notice me doing it - so the fitting is a bit off. Also the vinyl that I chose to make it in (because I had it at home) is a bit stiff and not so easy to make fit. But it works.
And he's getting a new bike in the spring anyway...

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