Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Climate change

Yes, I, too, have heard about global warming and the changes to the climate it has brought about but imagine my surprise when, as I was tending to my plants, I came across this little fella!

Not only was the season wrong but, surely, Sweden is not the right habitat for such a species?

Puzzled I watched as the diminutive creature first came closer as if to check me out and then, after he had deemed me harmless, started to play in the nearest flowerpot.

Mesmerized I observed his careless play and just as I had recovered from the chock of seeing him there I realised he wasn't alone! Another, equally out of place, friend had joined him in taking up residence in the same flowerpot - seemingly just as happy as if she really belonged there.

I didn't know what to do! Could they stay where they were? They seemed quite content eventhough there were dangers.

But would they be safer if they were sent away? And as I looked into their warm green eyes and smiling faces I just knew - they were here to stay...

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