Thursday, December 13, 2007

Quick and easy Christmas presents: A starshaped potholder!

Potholders - you really can't have too many of them! Make some for yourself or give them away as a Christmas present. They are very quick and easy to make. This is how:

1. Since I haven't figured out how to put pdfs on my blog I will have to describe how to make the template instead of actually providing you with it. Well - no worries - it is fairly easy to make. Start with drawing a 35 cm long straight line on a piece of paper. If you are using ordinary A4sized paper you will have to use 2 bits of paper for the template to fit. From one end of the drawn line measure a 40 degree angle and draw another line from it also 35 cm long. Measure another 40 degree angle from that end of the line and draw yet another line 35 cm long. Repeat until you closed the shape and thus made a star. Easy, wasn't it!?! Now draw another star exactly the same as the first and cut them out. Then cut one of the stars in two and add 1,5 cm seam allowance to the side you cut. Then you should have something like this:

2. Still with me? Good! Now using your carefully made template cut 2 pieces of the star from a fabric of your choice (but please keep in mind that you are making potholders so stay away from fabric that might actually melt if it comes in contact with hot stuff (now that is just ol' common sense but I don't want to end up being sued by somebody)). So stick to natural fibers please! Then cut 2 pieces of the half star from the same fabric (or different one if that is what you fancy but bear in mind that these are the outer pieces of the potholder and will show). When all that cutting have been done you still can't put your scissors away because you will need some kind of lining for inside the potholder so that the heat don't travel through. Again - and you probably can't overstate this - do not line the potholder with fabric that says "Keep away from fire" or "100 % polyester" because that would be a BAD choice of fabric. Wool- on the other hand - is a GOOD choice of fabric because it doesn't burn that easy and if it does catch on fire it puts itself out. Magic! So anyway, cutting - cut another starshape out of a fabric suitable for lining. Now you should have this:

3. Right, boring part over, time for acctual sewing. Start with the 2 half shapes. Fold the side parts twice (if you use an iron this is quite easily made) and sew a straight stich. Just like this.

4. Assemble all your starbits from bottom up like thus: lining fabric, full starshape, the 2 halfshapes with the wrong side up, and, finally, another full starshape on top. Pin the layers together.

5. With a straight stich sew all sides together except for a wee bit for turning the pot holder right side out. Don't forget to reinforce your stiches in the start and end by going backwards and forwards a bit. Cut as close to the stiching that you can and/or dare in order for it to get as good shape as possible when you turn it the right way out.
6. Turn pot holder right side out. You can use the back end of a pen or a brush to poke the "arms" of the star through.

7. Stich the open bit that you used for turning the pot holder right side together.

Now let's start cooking...

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