Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shiny things

Have been playing with resin again. Made some test samples yesterday and it didn't turn out half bad if I may say so myself! Have to make some small adjustments - to make them even more shinier - before turning them into jewelry though.

Found some YouTube clips about resin that was really good to watch - since I'm a bit on my own here (well, not counting all the folks on Crafsters resin board I ask questions to...). Sometimes you just have to watch how things are being done rather than only reading about it.

Unfortenately, the americans seem to be using quite different brands of resin than I. For example, in many videos they were mixing and handling the resin without a mask - I tried that the first time and had a killer headache for three days... And that makes me wonder if that was only for the benefit of the camera or if it - oh, joy of joys - really exists "fume free" resin?

If anyone knows please drop me a line...

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